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Kent (English Name: city of Kent), located in PuJie Bay, King County, Washington state, is the largest city in King County in the south, with an area of 28.75 square miles and a population of about 84000. In the next few years, the population of the city is expected to exceed 100000. Kent is located between Seattle, the capital of Washington state, and Tacoma city. It is only 10 minutes' drive from the International Airport and passes through major roads and railways. It has obvious geographical and transportation advantages.
肯特市,(英文名:City of Kent),位于美国华盛顿州金县普捷湾,是南部金县最大的城市,面积28.75平方英里,人口约8.4万。在未来的几年内,该市人口预计将超过10万。肯特市位于华盛顿州府西雅图和塔科玛市之间,踞国际空港仅10分钟车程,并有主要公路、铁路通过,地理、交通优势明显。
Tacoma (Washington) is a port city at the southern end of Puget Bay in Washington state. It is located at the southern end of Puget Bay, about between Seattle and Olympia. Geographical coordinates 47 ° 14 ′ 29 ″ n 122 ° 27 ′ 34 ″ W. It has a population of 213000 and a large urban area of 48.5 square kilometers. An important place for sea, land and air transportation. As the distribution center and processing center of agricultural and forestry products, it is the third largest city in the state and the county government of Pierce county. It is known as the "capital of American timber industry". A port city in western Washington. Located at the southern end of Phuket Bay. With a population of 213000 (2009), the city covers an area of 48.5 square kilometers and is an important place for sea, land and air transportation. Agricultural and forestry products distribution center and processing center, known as "the capital of American timber industry". The main industries include wood processing, machine manufacturing, food processing, non-ferrous metal smelting, shipbuilding, etc. It is a tourist base to Mount Rainier and Olympic mountain. There are Puget Bay University (built in 1888) and Pacific Luther University (built in 1890). Tacoma, Washington, IPA: [t ə ˈ ko m ə]) It is located between Seattle and Olympia, the capital of the state. In 2006, the population was 201600. It is the third largest city in the state and the county seat of Pierce county. Tacoma has been a residential area of Indians for thousands of years in history. In 1873, the North Pacific Railway across the American continent was built as the terminal at the west end of the railway, which stimulated the economic development here. In 1875, Tacoma city was established.20 In 2006, Tacoma was listed as the "most walkable city" in the United States.
塔科马(Tacoma, Washington)是美国华盛顿州普吉特海湾南端的一个港口城市,位于普吉特湾南端,约在西雅图和州府奥林匹亚之间。地理坐标47°14′29″N 122°27′34″W。人口21.3万,大市区48.5平方公里。海陆空交通要地。农林产品集散地和加工中心,是该州第三大城市、皮尔斯县县治,有“美国木材业首都”之称。美国华盛顿州西部港口城市。位于普吉特湾南端。人口人口21.3万(2009),大市区48.5平方公里,海陆空交通要地。农林产品集散地和加工中心,有“美国木材业首都”之称。主要工业有木材加工、机器制造、食品加工以及有色金属冶炼、造船等。是前往雷尼尔山和奥林匹克山的旅游基地。有普吉特湾大学(1888年建)、太平洋路德大学(1890年建)。塔科马(Tacoma, Washington,IPA:[tə ˈko mə])约在西雅图和州府奥林匹亚之间。2006年人口为201,600 人,是该州第三大城市、皮尔斯县县治。历史上数千年来,塔科马曾是印第安人的居住区。1873年,横贯美洲大陆的北太平洋铁路建成,作为该铁路西端的终点站刺激了这里的经济发展。1875年,塔科马城市建立。2006,塔科马被列为全美“最适合步行的城市”。
Bellingham is located in the Fran valley.
Olympia (Greek: Ολυμ π ία) It is a city in the southern plain of Greece, located in the northwest of Peloponnesus. It is not only the religious center of ancient Ellis to worship Zeus, but also the site of the ancient Olympic Games. Among them, the statue of Olympian Zeus made by Phidias is one of the seven wonders of the world. As early as the middle of the Greek bronze age, there was a resident in the later altys of Olympia Points. During the Mycenaean civilization, only a few local relics were left, while there was an important residential area on a highland west of Olympia. Olympia became a holy land in the 10th or 9th century, and its most important large-scale buildings were formed in the 4th century. In 426, the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II ordered to prohibit the sacrament in Olympia to overcome the ancient The influence of religion to promote Christianity.
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