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RALEIGH — Minutes before the Backstreet Boys’ performance Sunday night, a little boy with a mop of messy blond hair ran across the stage.

It was Baylee, the 7-year-old son of Brian Littrell, 35, a member of the four-piece pop supergroup.

Baylee introduced “daddy’s group” before thousands of fans christened the new downtown Raleigh Amphitheater with shrieks that lasted long into the ambitious 24-song set.

Meeting one of the youngest members of the Backstreet Boys family — a family that has grown over the past 17 years as members have gotten married and had children — felt comforting. Somewhere along the way — between trips to rehab, broken management contracts and under-selling albums — these “Boys” had become men. [Read More]

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Vocal group performs to sold-out crowd

The Backstreet Boys and their fans took Wild Adventures by storm Saturday evening when the vocal group performed in South Georgia for the first time as a part of the theme park’s 2010 concert series.

Fans from Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Waycross, Gainesville and yes, even Canada and Europe, began lining up at 10 a.m. to put their lawn chairs out in the general admission area of the concert stage or wait to be the first inside reserved seating. Die-hard fans tried every way they could think of to sneak backstage and get a glimpse of their favorite member. [Read More]

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I’ve added a bunch of articles to the press archive They’re new articles, but also some “old” articles.

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OVER 90 per cent of the crowd was female, and it appeared 100 per cent of them were ecstatic they were finally going to see The Backstreet Boys perform.

Their trip to Perth had been 17 years in the making for those who were obsessed with the American boy band growing up, but no-one could have predicted just how much nostalgia one evening could bring. [Read More]

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If you are a Backstreet Boy, what’s the only thing worse than waking up with a throbbing headache, stuffy nose, sore throat and every other symptom that can be associated with a day-ruining case of the common cold? Having to be interviewed by someone with the exact same condition.

But that’s what happened when I spoke with A.J. McLean, the shades-wearing, hat-donning, sometimes bearded badass of the group. “Oh, I’ve seen better days,” he mumbled over the phone an in almost inaudible tone after I initially asked him how he was doing. As it turned out, he probably wasn’t faking, either. Later that day, wire services blew up with reports that fellow Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell had been diagnosed with H1N1, more commonly known as the Swine Flu. As a result, the group was forced to cancel various promotional appearances throughout New York City that were centered around the release of its new album, This Is Us. It was yet another obstacle on the way back to the top for one of the biggest pop groups of all time. That’s okay, though. It’s not like these boys haven’t been faced with adversity before. [Read More]

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The boys are back – again
Review: Backstreet Boys, 02 Dublin
GIG: Backstreet Boys – This Is Us Tour
Backstreet’s back! US boy band delight fans with thrilling comeback show at 02 Arena
REVIEW: Backstreet Boys at Liverpool’s Echo Arena
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Backstreet Boys disappoint

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‘I think This Is Us is definitely the Backstreet Boys being comfortable with who we are,’ Littrell says.

The Backstreet Boys are back. And on their latest album, This Is Us, the guys are declaring their return to the sound that made them famous back in the late ’90s.

Gone are the adult-contemporary touches they’ve favored in recent years. It’s back to the pulsating beats and dance-music vibe. And Brian Littrell thinks now is the perfect time for the guys to show the world they still have what it takes. Read More

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You grew up in the 90s, a time brimming with Beanie Babies, Titanic and, of course, boy bands. Artists like 98 Degrees and ‘N Sync pretty much defined your entire childhood, so when you heard that the Backstreet Boys reunited to release their seventh studio album, it’s probable that you could barely contain your excitement.

After downloading all 11 tracks from This is Us, you prepare yourself for music that, like you, has changed since the boy band explosion of the late 1990s but still contains the magic that had you screaming your head off anytime Nick or A.J. busted a move on MTV. This is going to be awesome. Right? Wrong. Read More

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Backstreet Boys began as a group of wide-eyed teenagers but 16 years later, after battles with drug addiction and the loss of loved ones, believe their seventh album shows they have matured.
The Backstreet Boys, the first U.S. group launched by boy band mogul Lou Pearlman, started as a five-member band with a list of chart hits but is now a quartet.

The band took a break from 2002 but returned two years later, with a fifth album released in 2005, “Never Gone,” then a sixth, “Unbreakable,” in 2007 after singer Kevin Richardson left in 2006 which did not sell as well. Read More

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Backstreet Boys are back (all right!). I have seen the future of music and it is good. This is Us, the latest endeavor by the ‘90s boy band, ushers the group to a new level of maturity. The lyrics are heartfelt and soulful, the best that I have heard in a long, long time. Picture a beautiful stream filled with choirs of angels… Pffft… Singing… Songs… About beauty and—HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face.

Seriously though, it’s difficult to eloquently explain the experience of listening to this album without the use of a shotgun. Here is the best explanation that I can give after several hours of thought. Read More

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Backstreet Boys return to ‘sound that people know’

The Backstreet Boys want it that way again.

After spending several years trying to rejuvenate their dance-pop sound with injections of rock, the reunited boy band — now down to the quartet of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, A. J. McLean and Brian Littrell (who was recently diagnosed with swine flu; insert your own joke here) after the departure of Kevin Richardson in 2006 — are out to reconnect with their younger selves and their old fans on their eighth studio album, This is Us.

“We’ve gone back to the sound that people know — the good pop melodies, the R&B influences, the Euro-dance rhythms,” assures 36-year-old countertenor Dorough from his L.A. home. Read More