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Audrey from Simply Leighanne is organizing some things for Leighanne’s birthday. Read below for more info.

1) Online group card for Leighanne.
You can sign it here

2) Personal birthday cards for Leighanne.
Send Audrey your card for Leighanne before July 9th and, ALL the cards she’ll received will be send to Leighanne!
E-mail Audrey for her home address

3) Bouquet for Leighanne.
Let’s buy altogether a HUGE bouquet of flowers for Leighanne!
Payment by paypal. E-mail Audrey for more info!
Deadline July 16th!

Of course, you can take part as many project you want!

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Hope you’re having a great birthday!

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I finally got the I’m taking off album today, so I typed out the thank yous. You can find them here

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I got an e-mail from Ray Jones from Clearchannel Philadelphia about a new place where we should vote for the boys! The site is having a Teenage Dream competition in which they are putting several teenage heartthrobs against each other. Click the link above to go to the site for more info and to vote for our boys!

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Happy birthday! May you have a great day!

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We’d like to wish you a great day!

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We are excited to announce that Nick will be hosting a moderated chat on this coming Friday. Check back later this week for the exact time.


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Get the Flash Player to see this video.

For more info check

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Incase there are dutch people visiting this site, please check out Backstreet boys NL.

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Happy 30th birthday! We hope you’ll have a great day!

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We’d like to wish you a great day!

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Just wanna wish you all a happy new year! May it bring you nothing but good things.

As for the site, I’ve been pretty busy again lately with other things, that’s why I haven’t updated much. I know the coming period will still be very busy for me, but I’ll try to post as many updates as I can.

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Some of you might’ve heard about fanlistings already, but for the ones of you who haven’t, check out this page to read more about it.

I got to make the one for This is us. It’s just a simple page, but if you wanna show you like the album, head over to the TIU fanlisting and join!