THEY may be older, hiding bald patches with hats and some physiques may not be quite what they once were, but Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block were back with bang last night.

In an unashamed feast for every teen of the Nineties, the boy bands unleashed a cavalcade of ballads, hip thrusts and fist pumps at Rod Laver Arena.

You could have been forgiven for walking in on a Chippendales show to begin with.

Tacky runway lights lit the stage as huge half naked pictures of both bands members were flashed up on a big screen for a good five minutes.

But once some cringeworthy medleys and mashups were done, it was time for the fun to begin.

Proving they had the Right Stuff, the bands pulled out every 90s cliche from yelling ‘Melbourne’ ad nauseum, rocking white suits and dancing around microphones while flipping trilby hats.

And the hits kept rolling with Step by Step and As Long as You Love Me, finishing on Backstreet’s Back and Hangin’ Tough

By Kate McMahon
May 19, 2012

Herald Sun