FOR Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough, being 38 and in a boy band isn’t weird at all.

“When we started, a boy band was just a group of boys singing together,” he explains.

“And we still get called that, but you know what? We’ve learned to accept it. It’s great to be called anything these days and to still be going strong.”

Performing tonight in Adelaide, Howie says the band, including Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Dorough pictured below, couldn’t wait to return Down Under.

This time they’ve brought some special guests in fellow 90s hitmakers New Kids on the Block. “To be back with New Kids on the Block and seeing the love from the fans is awesome,” he says.

Together almost 20 years, the group has proved the critics wrong.

“We’ve almost been going 20 years strong which is crazy,” he says.

“A lot of people didn’t expect that, being a boy band and all but it’s great. It just goes to show how strong the fanbase out here is and hopefully it’s testament to the music being good as well.”

Back in 2000, Backstreet Boys were on top of the world, and Howie still can’t believe the success the group found.

“It was just amazing to be in a category like we were and be one of the biggest bands,” he says.

“Being with these guys for so long and seeing the success we have, I’ve just been so blessed and it’s great to be going 20 years strong but also knowing that we have the fanbase to hopefully keep going another 20 years – hopefully,” he laughs.

Tickets are still available from $99 through Ticketek for Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block tonight at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

By Sam Kelton
May 20, 2012

Adelaide Now