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Annemarie – Back to your heart – I just love the lyrics and the music and just everything about the song
Esra – Siberia – I adore the lyrics, they are very good. I also love the music and their voices in this song. ;)
Audrey Anywhere for you – because the lyrics are beautiful and it’s so romentic
Tiffany P. Shape of my heart -i don’t know why it just sounds so good and i also like the video.
Jessica – Show me the meaning of being lonely – it really means somehting to me and they sing all there part in it
Sarah – I’ll never find someone like you – I’ve always loved the song. and then Brian sang it to my sister and I when we met him in 98
Bilyana – The answer to our life – ’cause it is very loving song,very sweet :P
Mandy – What makes you different (makes you beautiful) – It’s my fave song because the song in a way describes me and also gives a good message and all in all it’s just an amazing and beautiful song!
Liviu – The One – i just love that type of video, and because the period in which it was relesead was the best period of my lfe. it’s a great serenade song too.
Hanna – Back to your heart – I’ve loved it ever since the first time i heard it and its been my favorite ever since, followed by Crawling Back To You.
Jackie – Just want you to know – It’s mii fav cuz in the video they all look hawt and they just have great voices!
Alli – Just want you to know – I am gonna have to agree with Jackie on this one. All of the BSB Members are pretty “HAWT” in the video!
Kirsten – Get down – I love the video, and it was the first BSB song i can remember liking!!!
Burgandy – Loving you – Perfect wedding song. The lyrics are beautiful & touching. Also love Aj’s voice of course.
Karina – Climbing the walls – The song is wonderful and very beautiful
Barby – Back to your heart – I don’t know:D
Heidi – I still – It`s such an emotional song which also reflects in the clip. Just love the song! ;o)
Sheri – Just want you to know – THE BSB ARE TOO HOT!!!
Nicole – Siberia – It’s just so AMAZING!!!!
Jas – Song for the unloved – I loved the lyrics
“Mely14″ – More than that – hey i love the song because is sound so good..and the lyrics ar verry verry verry good!!!! love u guys keeping sing 4 everybody
Grace – Drowning – I just like this song. I love so many BSB songs it’s hard to pick one, but this is the first one that came to my mind and I do listen to it alot.
Marissa – Lift me up – I LOVE the lyrics
Fred Siberia – Their voices in the song are SO AMAZING…and the music just takes you to heaven.
Jenny – As long as you love me – “Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I’m leaving my life in your hands” I love that part! Just perfect song!
“Unwanted” – Never Gone – Cuz i lost a loved one and i can really feel like he can hear me with that song
“Bee_Rok” – Don’t want you back – I love the lyrics and its performance in the millennium tour
Angel B. – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – Because it’s the earliest song of theirs that i remember since im 12 (young!)that means I was around 4 that time. I really love it especially the “Baby, Baby…” part.
Laura – I still – is cool!
“Bahnk” – All I have to give – they are too sexy!!!!!!!!!!!
Iren – Incomplete and Show me the meaning of being lonely – These are my favourite of the favourite songs.The both are wonderful and I can listen to them any time.I love them!!!
Karla – No one else comes close – Because of the lyrics, and especially bc of Alex’s voice and the group vocal performance.. it’s awesome!!!!
Emi – As long as you love me and incomplete – They are my favorites cause they are so romantic. Nick is so sexy in them
Milla – The answer to our life – Cause it makes me think about in what world is becoming..with all the wars and fight..
“The white angel” – I need you tonight – I love Nick`s voice and the lyrics of this song…
Debbi – Climbing the walls – It’s soo touching n i love de lyrics!!! =)
Mostafa Mhamed – Lose it all – i love this song very mush and the biggest band the back street boys
Jessica – Never Gone – because song relates to me because i lost someone close to me
Tika – The answer to our life – it makes me happy everytime I listen to it, dunno why,,,
Tomas – All songs – Why all songs? Because in each of them I can find something what happen to me. It`s like listening to my history :) I love BSB and I love their lyrics.
Jennifer – Incomplete – because of Nick Carter,of course! This song reminds me of why my life’s sucks
Lyh – Climbing the walls/Don’t wanna lose you now – Because I love then! =D
Ivana – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – Becus tey look so hot on thge runny.Espeal Nick.His my favort
cindy – More than that – because is a beautifull song of love and i love nick’s voice
Varun – Shape of my heart – Its got all in it…. as always d BEST of the Lyrics, a lovely VDO and ofcourse bSb!!! Its toooooo difficult to choose any one…I luv all of the songs. I can hear them all one after another. Long live bSb ;)
Ashlee Y. – Climbing the walls – I honestly dont know what it is about that song, but i just love it!i always have some sort of lyrics from in posted on some sort of signiature or sign in name, its just way to amazing :P lol
Lai-Yee L. – No one else comes close – Everytime I listen to this song, I imagine that AJ is singing this all to me!!! *sigh* I LOVE THE BSB!
Jess I still/Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – love the lyrics the vocals and all bsb members look incredibly gorgeous in the videos. and brian makes me fizzle. love i love it i love it i love it
Seda – If I don’t have you – love the lyrics first:D and everytime I listen to this song I imagine NICK right here with me :D
“LetyKaos92″ – I need you tonight – I love this song because is very beautiful and because I love Nick !!!
Leveret – Siberia – ’cause I live in Siberia!!!!! I’m Russian!
Stephanie K – I’ll never break your heart – This song is probably the best one to fit me because I want the type of guy in this song, I also like My Beautiful Woman because when I first heard it, I adored it!
Kimberly – Crawling back to you – I love this song because the guys sound so hot in it!!!!
“Vicky_Littrell” – I promise you – Because the song said everything about each girl want for their realtion ship
Ruth – The answer to our life – co’z it’s really a good song and if i listen to it when i’m really sad it makes me happy and makes me thing of nothing sad .
– The Perfect fan – Everyone has a solo part, and everytime I hear it, it makes me realize how lucky to have my mom along with her continuous love and support with my life and basketball
Kriss – We’ve got it goin’ on – ´coz they had so sexy choreography and it is a first song of BSB
Eve – Love is – Its really Romantic!
Paola – I want it that way – cause when i first heard that song in 1999 i became a bsb fan, back when i was 10 years old :)
Audrey – I’ll never break your heart – Just because it’s soooooo beautifull, the voices, the rythm, ALL . My favorite since the beginning (My 2d and 3d are Siberia and What makes you different
Rina – All the songs – I like them all because I LOVE THE BBOYS AND I LOVE NICK AND BRIAN A LOT
Celine P. – Just want you to know – Because its a great song and I love the Backstreet boys
Sandra – I want it that way – Because, I Love the way Nick sings this song.
Carrie – Crawling back to you – it’s such a pretty song, and nick sounds really hot in it. i also like safest place to hide a lot.
Kristýna – All the songs – Because I Love BSB=)
Anna – No one else comes close – WHY !!! JUST FOLLOW THE LYRICS
Cookie – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – the first time i hear it,i’ll began to be a fan of the boys!
Noora – Safest place to hide – Why? Because it’s so beautiful and when they sing it a cappella it just makes my legs melt
Rocio – Everytime I close my eyes – because every time that I close my eyes I think alone in them…
Schen – What makes you different makes you beautiful – its because it was created by howie for fans. and it shows that each and everyone of us shine on their eyes :-)
Zuzana – Siberia – I loved this song from the first time I`ve heard that and now i`t always makes me think back at he concert when it started to snow and they were just in front of me!!!!
Sandra – I still – Because, I love the way Nick sings this song.
Beata – I still and Siberia – Because I Love BSB:)
Eleane – I need you tonight and Never Gone – i need you tonight:because i love how to nick sings that song i feel in heaven. never gone:because that songs made me remember my great grand mother. / siberia: that song takes me to another world.
Ivana – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – the layrces awem
Mitch – All the songs – all of them song is so wonderful….
D – More than that – It has helped me get through REALLY tough times in my life, and if it hadn’t been for that song, I wouldn’t have the strength to be where I am today. Thank you guys for sharing your talent with the world.
Slobodan – Don’t wanna lose you now – Bcs it’s very sad and beautiful, lyrics are so touching…
Renee – Never Gone & I want it that way – I Love The Song Never Gone Because I Lost My Brother3 years ago and Ive Always Loved I Want It That Way
Megan – I still – This is my fav. song cuz I love the lyrics the tune or beat and I love the guys voices. I alos love how they have their own individual part. They sound best like that.
Helen – As long as you love me – because i grow up with this song.i saw brian’s eyes with this words.
Anne-Marie K. – Drowning & Crawling back to you – b/c i love the way nicks eyes look when he sings his part, also b/c of the words about the crying tears, the shaking hands, and the beating heart.
Nancy – Give me your heart – Because it makes me melt everytime I hear it, and the boys voices are just amazing and pure.
Ralph – Siberia -The Song Is Kill Me I Wish This Song Was On Single & Video
Danielle – I want it that way – it’s so smooth and i luv brian
Michelle – Rush over me & Set it off – i just love the song Rush over me cuz its such a great love song.. / As for Set It Off..i love dancing to the music
Dani J. – I want that way & All i have to give – I in the middle Uhhff!! I love this songs ’cause i’ve been listenin since i was a child… i ll always love the guys i ve grouw uo with them cause i love every songs
Rebeca – We’ve got it goin’ on – because i love to dance, and it makes me get up and dance!!!!
Angela – Get down & Don’t wanna lose you now – dont wanna lose u is so deep in meaning and romantic and getdown is sooo cool and its music is amazing i also adore nevergone cuz its very great..i love BSB!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley – All of them – They just make me happy to hear them no matter what song it is. They put me in a great mood. :)
Milica – Safest place to hide – amazing lyrics, wonderful voices as ever, and it just makes me love them even more
Amandoo – The Call – gotta GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Lusi – Climbing the walls – I like this song, because… i have not words :) i like everything songs
Zoey – Get another boyfriend – It has a good beat
Veronica – All the songs – I love the BSB and I love their tyrics. But Nick Carter is hot.
“missmclean” – Everybody – it is difficult to choose but everybody is that which I prefer it is very moves
Alanah – Show me the meaning of being lonely – The first time I heard this song I got shivers down my spine. After all this time I still get them. It`s simply amazing!
Valentina – Show me the meaning of being lonely – Wonderful music and beautiful words that remember me people I miss so much….
Annaleigh – All the songs – There all great songs, for slow songs and dance songs. Love all the lyrics and beats!!
Ina – Larger than life – the first bsb song i heard ever and it’s very fresh!i love the video too
Tony – Safest place to hide – because this song is amazing. This song give all the forces to love to me and my girlfriend… This is our love’s hymn!!! I love You BSB and i love u so much Carla A.
Michelle – Lift me up / Yes I will – Lift me up because I lost my aunt at a very young age, and I loved her. It’s been my favorite song since the first time I have ever heard it! Yes, I Will, 2 reasons, one AJ wrote it. two I love the beat of it and the promise it makes.
Veronica – Let’s do it for love – because when the first time i heard it i dont know,i like me very much before heard never gone´s album
Svea – As long as you love me – This was the very first song i heard from the backstreet boys.. and when i was little.. i was trying to play cool.. so when i heard it i was like: no i don’t like this song.. still i was waving with my foot (?) and digged it.. and then i admited that i loved ‘em when i saw Nick ^^ i fell inlove with him first time i saw him.. ^^
Eilya – Siberia – Perfect Vocal Harmony of the voices and the lyric.
Tiffiany – Shape of my heart – It has a beautiful meaning and the lyrics are incredible. Even tho Nick doesnt do much singing in it it’s still a good song.
Michelle – My beautiful woman – Well I know this may sound weird, but it makes me feel like AJ is singing it to me. I know it’s weird. I love the way he sounds.
Tae Woo – Yes I will – I love the lyrics and Nick’s adrib…Nick’s adrib is very~~~~ Wonderful..
Martyna – Don’t wanna lose you now – Because, Nick & Brian sing so beautifull;]]
Cheyan – Drowning – It is such a beautiful song. Great message and vocals! I LOVE IT!
Erin – Anywhere for you – This was my first favorite BSB song. The lyrics and music are beautiful. Brian sounds wonderful. I never get sick of hearing it. I’ve also always loved As Long As You Love Me– especially after Brian sang part of it to me last month. *Sigh*
Kathleen – Inconsolable – Just love it
Heike – Almost all songs – I have sooo many fave songs I can´t choose just one
Julia – Climbing the walls – I can’t describe, it’s so amazing…I love Brian’s voice in that song and i love the lyrics!!!
Eslam – Inconsolable – i fellin high wen i listen to this song really
Jackie – Inconsolable I love that song because it is a good song. It also marks a new chapter for the boys.
Mandy – Incomplete – Wonderfull song. The boys are incomplete without Kevin.
Christine – If you want it to be good girl – Because I love Brian’s part on it. And because he is soooooooooooo sexy and cute and he has the most cutest voice. Always keep the backstreet pride alive.I’m going to miss Kevin sooooooo much. Always keep the backstreet pride alive.
Michelle – Treat me right – i love the beat of it, and cuz aj wrote it. it’s so cool! and he’s making a point, his old gfs, like Sara martin and amanda latona were not treatin him right
Annie – All songs – Becaouse I think they haven’t got a bad song. All songs are just wonderfull and videos too. They are an amazin group. The only one in the world that haven’t got a bad song. Love ya, BSB!!!
Emily – Last night you saved my life & lifted me up – last might is such a up beat love song and lifted me up reminds me of me and my moms relationship
Marie-Noëlle L. – All the songs – I can’t choose one because they are all good!!! They are the best singer!!!!
Sally – Siberia – although Nick isn’t singing in it (and yeah I adore that guy!!) I really do love this song. It’s so awesome
Sonja – If you want it to be good girl – it makes me feel fantastic <3
Iani – Incomplete – My favourite song is “Incomplete”, because it’s so awesome!! I love all BackStreet Boys’ songs but this one is different – it’s their best song!! :)
Ines -Drowning – i don’t know, i just like it…
Ruskareena – All the songs – wanna know why i love all the songs?it’s because when i’m listening to their songs,i feel like i’m really close to them.i love BACKSTREET BOYS!!!
Ivana – Show me the meaning of being lonely – well, i love all their songs, but this is the first of their songs i’ve ever heard, and i’m crazy about bsb since i heard it so that’s why it’s my favorite…
Sabine – Show me the meaning of being lonely – Because the clip was on tv for the first time on the day we said our last goodbye to my grandmother..
Sonia – Inconsolable & Shining Star – Inconsolable – ‘cos it makes you feel better in tme when you broke up with your love one,or even if you lose somebody. / Shining star-’cos it’s realy sexy
Assila S. – Siberia – I really don’t know- I just do love it!
Dhina – Nowhere to go – this is a new single from bsb but i think they combinated with their old song..so for me that’so creative and i loved the lyrics too
Nadia – Just want you to know – I Just love it! It sounds SO great! And it always makes me happy when I’m Down. I realy like the Video to. XD
Tiera M. – As long as you love me – because it is one of my favorites and i love it . love,tiera bsb fan!
Saras – No one else comes close – the guitars voice so touching ma heart
Andres – Siberia – For me one it’s of the best songs that I ever heard in my life!!
Deni – All the songs – Because I’m crazy BSB fan and I adore them:)
NGabrielle – All the songs – The Guys are the best :-)
Erin – Anywhere for you – I love the lyrics, the harmonies, and the arrangement. Everything about this song is amazing! Not to mention, Brian sounds great singing it. (:
Hanna – Safest place to hide – I just love it so much, and my heart melts everytime I hear Nick sing ‘symphony’ :)
Taybah – Never Gone – it amazing i feel it it amazing i feel it

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