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Annemarie – Everybody and The One -I love the make up etc. of Everybody and The one just brings back great memories
Esra – Larger than life – The way they look, the way they dance (especially that), the way they… well just everything in this video rocks!
Charlen – Everybody (Backstreet’s back) – Howie looks damn good as a Vampire.
Simonne – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – Because Howie look very sexy in that video. I like the way how sexy they are,and the way they dance,and look. I love the way how they dance. They all look very sexy too. I love them very much.
Bilqna – More than that – Because Nick (my favourite boy,my love,my.. :P ) look great.I love his face and his look.
Emma – We’ve got it goin’ on – Becuase it’s thanks to that video that I started listening to the BSB in the first place :-)
Mandy – The one – It’s just an amazing video,I just love the way they but the clips of several different things like concerts,photo shoots,random things like Kevplaying football and B-ROK and Nick playing basketball and I just love the concert clips where they are dancing or messing around cause its just so darn HOTT,and also it was directed by the one and only Kevin Richardson(my very fave)
Kirsten – Get down – Because no other band would ever dance in a disco ball!
Jackie – We’ve got it goin’ on – It’s a cool video. I mean what is not to like about it??? They are all hott and sexy!
Jessica – All I have to give – It’s like a dream, the song is breathtaking and the guys are all so stilish and sexy.. The coreography is very good as well..
Heidi – Everybody (Backstreet’s back) – Great clip, nice idea! They look so good as monsters, I especially like AJ in this video. The choreography is great!
Burgandy – I’ll never break your heart – Love Aj’s hair and the part where he removes his shades. Man, he has some pretty eyes. U think I like Aj? LOL Also like the concept of each boy having a different room to represent them. Love Nick’s drawings in each room.
Jessica – The one – wel i love this video beceaus we see parts of the millenium tour and the boys doing crazy(like always) and it saw how the reallly are
Jas – The Call – Its soooo cool
“Unwanted” – I still – cuz of the way they deal with real life problems without breaking down
Cristina – Everybody – because i like me the brian wolf,he is ver sexi!!!!
Fred – The Call – The way they look…all is perfect. and + Mr Lawrence is my best director ever :D
Iren – Incomplete – Well,I dont really know why it is my favourite.Just that the song is wonderful, the video is wonderful,and BsB are just GREAT …
Lieke – Every video – I love all the vidoes of the bsb because they al rock, every video has different cool things, every boys has some thing nice in every singel video. It’s so impossible to choose between all their videos so that’s why I say: I love them all!!
Flash – The One – Because, it’s there most top times ever in they life. Video is amazing. Have no words!
Debbi – Everybody (backstreet’s back) – Nick is sooo cool in his mummy thing and he sings so well plus the video is soo funny =D
Julia – Incomplete – This power video
Valery – I want it that way and more than that – cuz Nick looks so hot in both videos…. Guys…you’re absolutely amazing!
Amanda – Just want you to know – I really like the video. all the guys did a really great job in it.
“Lala” – All I have to give – Because Howie is so cute and the dance is great
Amber – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – because you see nick’s face realy close and I just just lvoe his fave and I love it when they are standing in the rain
Seda – I want it that way – I really really love this song and video I adore this video because I met my sweet baby Nick
in this video He’s so cute…

Ivana – Just want you to know – Cause they all look so coll in the old hear stayl.Espel Nick.And that ther aswem song.
Ashlee Y. – More than that or incomplete – i just love how intence they look and how you can almost feel the intesity, and i just love the songs also… and everything to do with those boys :P
Jess – Show me the meaning of being lonely – i cry everytime i see it. if it brings out some kind of emotion in me then it’s great. all of them do but especially this one
Michelle – More than that – becuase they look hot and its my fav song.
Ana Caroline – I still – I don’t know, cuz is perfect!
Sarah – Shape of my heart – they look great, the song is great, the colors are great, the idea of the video is great, it’s perfect!
Sandra – I’ll never break your heart – I Think Nick looks really cute in this video.
Eve – I’ll never break your heart – Alex is sexy!
Audrey – I still – They are beautifull as never :p And Nick is so, …, Huuuum :)
Kati – I still – I’s kinda remind me the younger years, when I heard BSB’ songs for the first time and like the song says, I STILL need them and care about them, and love their music! They really are the best ever!!!
Celine P. – I’ll never break your heart – well because Nick is very hot .
Noora – All of them – It’s so hard to choose just one because they’re all great and the Boys look gorgeous in each and every one of them
Rocio – As long as you love me – because they are divine and the color of brian eyes this but intense that the sky
Cookie – Everybody (Backstreet’s back) – i love all in this video! fun pure:-)
Mimi – The Call – they r extremely sexxxy!the video is very cool…and..howie …wow!
Sarah S. – All of them – all video is make me happy so much too bsb like if very nice songs yess
Fran – I want it that way – For everything. For the music,for the video,for the BSB,and i cry when see this video.
Rhiannon – All of them – i love the backstreet boys
Renee – I want it that way – Cause Nick Does The Half Smile That Is Soooo Cute I Love it when he does the Half Smile
Laura – Incomplete & I want it that way – because in that video all the boys are very beautful and….it’s my favourit video!!!!(w le fan italiane!!!)
Tiffany P. – Just want you to know – Because they get to be who they want and the look really stupid… gosh u gotta love em.
Anne-Marie K. – Drowning – b/c of how well nick sings his part, and also how it makes me think back to when i was 16 yrs old.
Ralph – All of them – These Video Sound Like My Entrence Theme
Arielle – Everybody & All I Have To Give – Everything. The dances in Everbody are original and only corny to non-fans. Us fans know our boys can dance. =] / All I have to give is just a GREAT song…plus I’m an Aj FANATIC so i love that he sings a lot in that song. =]
Ashley K. – All of them – They are all my favs because they all mean something to me and every BSB fan.
Ivee – I still & Everybody – I still is my favorte video because they all look AMAzING..THEY’VE NEVER ALL looked that sexy in one video. And the song is Amazing, I love the effect a very cute+romantic video.. and everybody is just too cute!!
Giovi – The one – It’s very beautiful
Slobodan – The call – bcs it’s very exciting, like you’re watching a short movie!
Nikki – Just want you to know – they look different and it’s fun to watch.
Svea – I want it that way – I just say: Look at Nick at that video.. gosh.. he’s SOOOOO hot! :D
Tiffiany – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – It has an awesome theme that fits the song and the dances in it are great. Not to mention all the guys look incredibly hot in their costumes.
Michelle – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – It’s so obvious! 5 totally sexy guys (with AJ in the front YAY!) dancing in the rain, with their shirts open and if their shirts arent open, then you can see right through them? GOD! It’s awesome! Makes me squeal!
Cheyanne – More than that & Drowning – They all look sooo hott! Plus, the songs are awesome!!
Heike – The one & I’ll never break your heart (German version) – The One: The Millennium concert was great and I´ll never break your heart because they were so cute in the video
Iani – Incomplete – My favourite Backstreet video is “Incomplete” because this is the first BsB video I’d ever seen! :) I love it – so sad, so beautiful, so damn great! ;))
Tabby – I want it that way & Larger than life – b/c all five guys look gorgeous in white and i just love the vid and the other vid just b/c its sooo kool and its different!!
Ivan S. – Anywhere for you – ´Cause I really like beach and this video makes me back to my children times. The clip is so sweet and the music also. Portugal loves you bsb
Alanah – Show me the meaning of being lonely – There`s somthing about the concept and the image. It strikes me as a more mature video.
Emilie – I still – cause it’s the last video with Kevin…
Annie – I want it that way & Everybody – First I want it that way, beacuse, because of this video I became a BSB fan. Nick looks so cute in this video. And Evereybody because of the brilliant idea-the boys to be monsters and the choreography is great too.
Mohamed a. – Drowning – i love him
Emily – The one – it cool how they put together the video of clips from there concerts
Ashley – I want it that way & Inconsolable – I really love the way nick looked in them both….
Ines – Drowning (wet version) – guys look hot…
Ruskareena – The One, The Call & Larger than life – the one-because i can feel how much they love their fans and how much i love them. / the call-’cuz i love the parts when they changed from oneself to another. larger than life-their dancesteps are so cool,fantastic and complicated.no matter how many times i watch the video,i still cant get the steps.
Ivana – Helpless when she smiles – even though i wasn’t satisfied when i find out that hwss is going to be their next single, i love the video… i love balck and white pics and videos, and Nick looks great in this video…
hina – Inconsolable – they’re style so wonderfull when sunset in the beach

Andrea – Incomplete – Because they are so cute and sexy. Howie looks so good!!:D
Tomas – More Than That & Incomplete – I love all their videos, but this two have a excelent camera and amazing edit.
Gianfranco – As long as you love me – This video is my favourite because it’s really cool!
Sarah – Just want you to know – Because they look stupid and it’s funny!
Deni – Quit playin’ games (with my heart) – Because in this video the boys are soooooo sexy ans cute:) dancing in the rain, with their shirts open-OMG.And of this video I became a BSB fan.I adore this video:)
Helen – Everybody/Drowning wet version – Everybody because it’s so funny and kevin is like…omg the hottest man alive!!!Drowning wet because I just can’t get enough of bsb wet especially aj who is FIRE with that outfit!!!
Amir H – I still – for … uuuum. i dont know. i love this video
Jenni – Everybody, I Still and The Call – I love the song I Still (as all the BSB songs xD), Nick is so wonderful, Everybody and The Call are just so awesome, as all of their vids!! <33
Dalal – I still – I love how they where able to capture powerful emotions with the slow mo effect.. The whole idea was.. WOW!

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