Member of the month

Name: Char
Location:Central Coast Australia
Fan since: for 14-15 years!
Fave song: There are so many I will say tho, Back to your heart, Unmistakable and Shape Of My Heart!!!!
Fave album: Unbreakable….i think, they are all awesome in there own different ways!!!!

**Everyone on the forum and some people on the site probably know that you met the boys during your platinum VIP in Sydney this year, what was this meeting like and what did/does it mean to you?
This meeting was something that I will never forget in my life. I have been through too much, more then the average human and to FINALLY get my dream to meet them was something surreal and something that will forever stay with me to treasure! There is no words on this planet to describe the full meaning of the experience!

**If you could spend one full day with the guys instead of a short moment at a VIP, how would you spend it?
Hmmmm…Well I would wanna spend a day where they are in a recording studio or a video clip so I can see them in work and learn things. Then we would have lunch somewhere and then in the afternoon play some basketball or something to do with the outdoors! Maybe Soccer!!!…then I would cook them dinner!!!!!!! :-D

**If you could pick one artist the boys should do a song with, which artist would you pick and why?
Wow hard question! Uhmmm maybe Guy Sebation or even maybe Lee Ryan do a male group spin on things!!!! This is a really hard question!!!!

**What do you like most about the forum?
I really like the people at the forum! I have made and MET some awesome people! BSB fans are truly the best!

**What do you like least about the forum?
Sometimes the quietness during school periods……

**Anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks for letting me be MOTM again! KTBSPA!