Full Name: Howard Dwaine Dorough
Nicknames: Howie, Howie D, Sweet D, Latin Lover
Date of Birth: August 22nd, 1973
Place of Birth: Orlando, FL
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Parents: Hoke & Paula
Siblings: John, Polly, Anna, Caroline & Angela
Pets: Cat: Oscar & Dog: Christopher
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Asian and Spanish
Hobbies: Weight lifting, Water skiing, Dancing, Racquetball and movies
Favorite Music: Maxwell, Sade and John Secada
Musical Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Movie: The Outsiders
Favorite Book: Charlie and the chocolate factory
Favorite TV Show: Roswell
Favorite film star: Tom Hanks
Favorite song of Never Gone: I Still
Most Important Song of All Time: All I Have To Give
Girls: Career minded, Intelligent, Nice personality, Good sense of humor, Wants a huge catholic wedding and 3 kids
Dream Date: A candlelight dinner, followed by movie or dancing, ending with a long walk on the beach