Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter
Nicknames: Nicky, Frack, Kaos, Messy Marvin, Mr. Hyper Man
Date of Birth: January 28th, 1980
Place of Birth: Jamestown, New York
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Parents: Jane & Bob
Siblings: B.J, Leslie, Twins Aaron & Angel
Pets: 4 Pugs: Willy, Mikey, Houston & Nikki (past); Cats: Rocky, Sugar & bandit; Dogs: Samson, Simba & Pepper
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Green
Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Nintendo, Boating, Scuba Diving
Favorite Music: Nirvana, Jodeci, Boys II Men & Michael Jackson
Favorite Movie: Alien
Favorite Film Star: Sigourney Weaver
Girls: Good personality, Honest, Loyal, Romantic, Independent, Good heart, Natural, Confident in her looks and doesn’t wear too much make-up
Favorite BSB Song: Shining Star, Spanish Eyes, Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
Favorite song of Never Gone: Siberia