# Howie made up the nickname Frick and Frack for Brian and Nick.
# The boys were the first artists to spend over 500 days at #1 on TRL with all their videos and by the numbers are still TRL’s #1 artists there with Britney, Limp Bizkit and N’Sync.
# ‘Black and Blue’ has sold more than 5 million copies in it’s first week released all over the world. It set a new international sales record.
# Brian got the nickname ‘B-Rok’ after his love of basketball. The ball means ‘rock’ in US slang.
# AJ and Brian got their first tattoos done on the same day, much to the disgust of the boy’s management at the time.
# Nick walks on an airplane with his right foot all the time.
# Nick likes bananas without spots.
# Nick sleeps on his back and he snores.

Above are some random facts, feel free to mail your own and they’ll be added to the list