Dream come true – Char W

OMG where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we get there and waited for ages and ages, anyways once we got in we got the front row! Anyways they do the soundcheck thing and omg Nick is gorgeous! wow so that got done and the silver and gold ppl got there pics done and it was our turn! OMG so nervous! So it was turn to go up and Nick put out his hand hi how are you, im like hey uhmm i made this towel for you…he is like “oh cook thank you”…think he was gunna look later but i made him open and have a look! Howie looked at it and laughed in a good way think he thought it was cute! So im like “i wanna take you pic with it.” He is like “sure” and holds it up and pulls that face and is like “thank you” and gave me my hug then then Howies he is like “hey how are you?” Then AJ he is like “Hey Babe” and gave me a hug lol makes me laugh when i think of it cause i can still hear his voice in my head then i got to Brian and he is like “Hey how ya doing?” and gave me a big hug and i gave him a little squeeze :) so nice so then it was picture time so i stood near Nick and i think he put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down a bit for the pic OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I cant remember cause i was shaking so much!! haha

So i sat up the back and relaxed and drank some water and then NICK CAME OUR WAY! He did the Backstage tour! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he stood up on the chairs and was talking to us and telling us he would be doing our tour and that we should be glad to have him cause he gives out the most info out of the guys LOL. So we were walking around and went past the sounds stuff and he explained it a bit. Then walked down the hall a little and get to the Catering room and Brian is in there and Nick is like this is where we eat the yummy food and then Brian comes over with this cookie jar and they were like saying how nice cookies are in Australia and one of them is like “yeah but if we eat too many we will turn into the Fatstreet Boys” LMAO it was humorous! HAHA then i took this pic while they were talking

So we walk past a few rooms and stuff and then they realise they were going the wrong way and Nick turned around and on the way past he touched my arm with his hand and was like excuse me oh so gentle as he walked past me…so then he takes us to the room where they do there costume change and he was telling us about it and then asked if anyone had questions and some people asked questions and stuff and he was super awesome and mention HOT! So then it was time to take the group photo with him and anyways they split us up into 2 ground and i got right behind Nick and put my hand on his shoulder and then this girl somehow got hers under mine so i ended up having my hand particially on his neck…omg such soft skin!!! So we took the shots and he stook up and i touched his back…so nice!

Then he was signing something and anyways i was one of the last people and cause they ran out of Platinum passes so lucky i took my this is us cd cover book thing and got him to sign that while Justin took another pic. and then i got brave and i said “any chance of another hug?” (i was proud of me for being brave) and he was like “Sure always time for hugs!” And then we were wrapping it up and i then blurted out “I love you” lol and he looked at me in the eyes and said “I love you too” OMFG! he gave me my cover back and im like thank you so much and walked off like jelly!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! crazy!

So yeah i had an amazing time…hopefully i did not leave much out, im tired it is 2:10am bedtime for me i think!