Site history

So, you wanna know how I came to making this site?
Well Talitha and I got to know each other through a dutch Backstreet boys forum
and we could get along pretty well, so we started to talk on msn aswell.
Then one day Talitha asked me if I’d ever made a website, because she had been thinking
about making a Backstreet Boys website for a while. She had just made a layout for a website,
which she showed to me and then asked what I would think about making a site
together. I thought that was a good idea, since I had always wanted to make a
Backstreet boys website aswell.
Later we found out that it was good that we made this website together, because I’m not
very good at making graphics (which is what Talitha is good at) and Talitha isn’t
very good at doing html (which is what I’m is better at), so we found out that together
we’re a pretty good team. And the result of our ‘teamwork’ is what you can see here!

Unfortunately early august 2006 Talitha decided to quit
with the site so I’m running the site by myself now, I really liked the period Talitha and I
spend running the site together, but if she wants to spend her time on other things now I respect
that decision ofcourse and hope maybe sometime she’ll decide to wanna help run the site again.

At the end of march 2007 I decided to ask Fred to help me with keeping the site updated with news. Because
of certain health problems and a busy study I wasn’t really able to keep the site fully updated anymore
and I didn’t want the site to just lose people’s interest. Fred had always helped me with graphics since
Talitha quit so I thought he might be interested in helping me out. And as you can see he was so right now
I’m still running the site alone, but with some more help from Fred!

As of 2008 I’m running the site without Fred’s help again. Even though Fred was a great help, especially in the
beginning, I felt that lately it was as if he wasn’t even there. That’s why I decided I might aswell do it
by myself again and this year try to keep the site updated more than I did in 2007!

Later in 2008, after I helped her with her own Nick fansite Chinar asked if she could help me with my site too, so ever since she’s been helping me with all kinds of updates!