Talitha: Thank you for wanting to make a site in 2005, if it wasn’t for you there would’ve never
been a Backstreet Paradise at all!
Kallisti (Mel!na on the forum): I’d like to thank you a lot. First of all for the donations you gave to the site to help it move to a
paid host and to be able to keep paying for the site. I’d also really like to thank you for always helping me when
I ask you, especially with the forum and gallery, thnx girl I really appreciate it!
Patrick (my younger brother): Thank you very much for your donation when I wanted to move the site to a paid host in the very beginning you really helped me out there!
Fred (.::RareFantazy::. on the forum): Thanx to you too for your donation for the forum, it’s really appreciated! I also wanna say thank you for making some great graphics for the site! Also a thank you for helping me out in 2007 with keeping the site updated.
Mandah: I’m really glad that you were willing to host the site for over a year, it’s greatly appreciated!
Manoj: Thank you for helping me moving the forum without losing any data the first time I moved!
Nat: Thank you for making layout #9, #17 & #22 for the site!
Eilya: Big thank you for making a great flash intro for BP, love it!
Tess: Thank you for making layout #15 for me just for free!
Sabine: Thank you for making several great graphics for the site! Also for helping me during the beginning Unbreakable tour with updates.
Natalie: Thank you also for making great layouts for the site!
Chinar: Thank you for helping with (especially photo) updates on the site.
Jahaira: Also a big thank you to you for making almost all the current forumheaders, they are awesome, thanx girl!
Hanna: Also a thanx to you, for making several great graphics for the site!

Also a thanks to all the other fansites out there and ofcourse I’d like to thank everyone who visits BP and everyone who sends things for the site, please keep coming back, because it’s you who this site is for!