I’m Taking Off – Thank Yous

I want to give thanks to my Boose lol. You have been my backbone. We have learned so much together. I don’t think it would have been possible to complete this album without your love, dedication and support. Thank you for always being conpassionate and understanding in times of uncertainty. By always taking my feelings into consideration. By having the biggest heart in the world and most of all, loving me unconditionally. I am truly thankful to have you in my life. I love you

Lori Graf, Oh how far we’ve come. When everyone else gave up on us and our belief in each other…The redemtion has come to fruition. I am so happy that we can experience the bright sides of my life in lieu of all the negatives. We are truly fighters. You deserve this opportunity to shine. Jordan Keller, Tennessee’s finest. What would I do without you. Litterally! Intelligence. Faith. Patience and Determination are just some of the words that describe you. I am happy to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend. Thank you for everything. Jason Turner, when you walked in the room at first I swore you were a teenager. ( you got those young genes bro) But after hearing you speak, I realized not only how intelligent you are but also your creative abilities. I have come to respect your artistic input and it is great to have you on my side. Eddie Meehan & ground(ctrl), I know that I can be annoying but you freaking rock. I thank you for helping me with all the nuts and bolts of this project. I couldn’t have trusted anyone else to help with some of the most important aspects of my album. You are a life saver! Carl Falk, You have not only become a great friend of mine, but have also become someone who I look up to as a writer/producer. Your talents ar invaluable. I thank you for your hard work. Matthew Gerrard, It was so cool to know that there was no doubt in your mind when I asked you to write with me. You have always believed in me and for that I am truly thankful. |I am honored to have your art on this album. Toby Grad, You were definately the catalyst for me believing in myself. When we did the Great Divide about 3 years ago, that was the moment I knew I was ready to write agian. You are a true musical genius. Rami, I want to thank you for your never ending support in me. After so many years you continue to be an amazing Producer, Writer and Friend. When I look on your walls and see our plaques, I become driven. I hope to make you proud. Ps. I wanna sign your walls again lol. Dan Muckala, I want you to know that you played a big part in my transformation. I remember going to Cool Springs for the first time recording Unbreakable and falling in love with Tennessee. Moving there changed my life. Your vibe is astounding. Your gift is giving. And your talent is commanding. Thank you for helping me. Swift & Bruce (Midi Mafia), You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work. You are the best. Also thank you to, Jennifer Cardenes, Brent Kutzle, Noel Zancanella, Tebey Ottoh, Mischke, Chuck Butler, Monte Neuble, Adam Lester, Jason Ingram, Waynne Nugent, Savan Kotecha, Charlie Gambetta.

You are now special in my life