Backstreet ABC

A A.J., Angels, Alex
B Backstreet Boys, Brian, Bone, Baylee, B-Rok, Beautiful
C Carter, cute, chaos
D Dorough, delightful
E Everybody, exciting
F Frick, Frack, funny, fans
G Green, great, group
H Howie, hot
I Incomplete, inspirational
J James, Just want you to know, Just Within Reach
K Kevin, kind
L Littrell, lovable, Loving you
M McLean, ‘mazing, music
N Nick, neat
O Orlando, outstanding
P Pumpkin, Poster girl, Power to take my breath away
Q Quincy, quirky…in a good way, Quit playing games
R Richardson, rad, real
S Siberia, super, sexy, sixty nine (Aj’s fave #)
T Thomas, terrific, talent
U Unloved, unbelievable, unique
V Vegas, vocalist
W Weird World, wonderfull, worldwide
X XOXO, xtasy
Y Yellow, young, young at heart
Z Zesty, zangy personalities

Thanx to: Helle, Mandy, Burgandy

Got your own version of the bsb alphabet? Email it to me & I’ll add yours to the list! Only have things for a few letters? That’s ok too or even if you have several things per letter, just mail them & I’ll add them ;)